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ik help jou te groeien van binnenuit

met lichaamsgerichte coaching & workshops

My name is Jani Pestana and I am trained as a body-oriented coach and as an anthropologist.

The heart of growth sprang from the desire to share with others the processes that I myself experienced and lived through.This is a place whereyou can fully come into your ownand where your development is central.Looking deep into yourself can be a scary thing to do. At the same time it is onebeautiful breeding ground for growth and authenticity.

I workbody-oriented. This means that I involve the body in the guidance process and recognize that body and mind are inextricably linked. Through conversations and techniques I will take you to anewto become grounded in your body and live through your emotions.

If you, like me, long to connect with yourself, with others and with the world,be welcome.


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verbinding met jezelf?

Image by Annie Spratt

Diep in jezelf kijken kan eng zijn om te doen. Tegelijkertijd is het een mooie voedingsbodem voor groei en authenticiteit.

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Coaching & Guidance

Do you experience stress, tension, intense emotions or nothing at all?


Have you taken a psychedelic, or participated in a ceremony and you need integration?

I help you with these experiences through various tools.

Image by Olivia Bauso

Various body-oriented workshops will be offered in the near future. I am still working on this one. If you want to be kept informed, please fill in the form.

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