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psychedelic integration


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Your trip might be over,
but the journey is just beginning.

Integration refers to theperiod after the psychedelic experience. It refers to the process of actively reviewing, processing, translating and integrating the content of the experience into your everyday life.

Just as the psychedelic experience can tap into vastly broad topics, my integration coaching draws inspiration from many different techniques and philosophies. As a result, the method is alwayscompletely adapted to your processand the themes you bring in. The process is holistic, turning both inward and outward. It includes the physical, social, psychological, emotional, spiritual dimensions as well as your relationship with the natural world around you. Experiences can be big or small. But an accumulation of (sometimes small) adjustments can lead to a huge change over time.

While different cultures view psychedelics differently, I see them asnon-specific amplifiers of consciousness. They show what is in you and reinforce this. A knowledge of the important experiences in your life will help me, and you, to understand what happened during the psychedelic experience and what it means. We will work together with all this material.

I accompany you in the search

Psychedelic integration coaching is a series of 1 on 1 conversations in which together we try to find out the story behind the psychedelic experience. On oneOn the other hand, it is important to close your experience well. On the other hand, it is about transforming the insights gained intoactions in everyday life.This all happens incomplete discretion.

This is a integrative offer.Psychedelic assisted therapy isillegal until now,and not what I offer. This program is designed to guide those who need to reflect on their experiences.

My own experience

I have been immersed in the phenomenon for 16 years. Since my first experience I studied psychedelics from different angles: as an experience expert, as a researcher, and as a therapist and coach. I lived in an ayahuasca center in Peru for three months, participated in ceremonies there and in Belgium and explored the phenomenon on my own.

In 2015 I spoke at the then largest international conference on psychedelics: Breaking Convention. The subject of my talk was an original philosophical question: about how the world that shows itself to us is influenced by the mental processes we go through. In 2020 I spoke at the International Conference for Psychedelic Science (ICPR) on the topic: why people use psychedelics, regardless of the clinic or the jungle. I also wrote a scientific article on this subject: “Psychedelic substance use in the Reddit psychonaut community” which was published in the scientific journal: Drugs and Alcohol Today.

In 2018 I started a Connected Living course: experiential therapy and shamanism. This 4-year training gave me the tools to frame and better understand ceremony.

Currently I am a working member of thePsychedelic Society Belgium (PSBE).

I take all this experience and knowledge with me in my sessions with you.



Short Vest 20, 1500 Halle


€70 for an individual session of 1h.


Our first meeting always starts with an intake interview, in which I will ask questions to get to know you and your experience better.

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